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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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apartments. who rescuers pulled out of the building. mystery that brought down passenger jet what flight 804 the target terrorists? your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ right now we've got breaking news. south jersey apartment building is catch -- caught fire from skyfox you can see the flames shooting from the roof of the camden apartments. firefighters had to rescue at least one person. good evening, i'm iain page.
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>> i'm lucy noland. that fire kept flaring back up tonight. let's get right out to shawnette wilson live at the scene. shawnette, it looks like a lot of action still going on behind you. >> reporter: yeah, you can tell by all the lights lucy and iain that this is still very much a busy and active scene. take look behind me. latter still extended on to the roof of this building but within the past 30 minutes or so we've mostly been seeing firefighters spraying water from the ground. what we can tell is you that firefighters got this blaze under control around 9:15 this evening. several hours after it broke out. also, one person rescued taken to cooper hospital. firefighters remained on the scene several hours after intense fire ripped through this three-story wood building on north 26th kramer street in camden. they were dousing names that continued to reignite throughout the evening. skyfox flew over earlier as flames shot from the roof. >> a lot of fire flares a lost fire flares. like they would put one out and you would see they would break
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the windows out and another one would come. it was a real bad one at the top when we first came. it looked like it had gotten better and all of a sudden it got real bad. >> reporter: neighbors say the building has apartment units an business on the front. they watched as thick smoke billowed from the building. spokesperson for camden metro police confirms one person was rescued and taken to cooper hospital. joy duct saw them bring the man out. >> sitting on the ground. i can't say he was burning. liked like he had smoke on him but he couldn't talk or anythi anything. >> scary fort people who's house are indirectly affected by this. >> reporter: and back here live again firefighters still on the scene tonight. several fire companies respond responded. again, spraying water from the ground right now possibly putting out some hot spots. we are still waiting to learn where this fire started and how and again one person recovering at cooper hospital tonight. back to you. >> all right, thank you, shawnette. in chester county the hunt
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continues for driver who crashed no police car then took off. skyfox over route 3 in willis town township earlier tonight. investigators say the driver slammed into a cruiser then got out of the car and ran. right now police are searching through ridley creek state park for that person. developing to night a teenager gunned down in wilmington. police say someone shot the 15-year-old in the head on the 900 block of clifford brown walk. he died at the hospital. there is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. inform camden county, new jersey, police have caught the guy they say ripped gas lines right out of homes. runnemede police arrested 22-year-old william gwynned today. officers responded to 300 block of north reid avenue this morning after neighbors smelled natural gas. they quickly realized it was coming from a home that had been ransacked with gas lines torn right out. >> i smelled an odor of like maybe, um, bad eggs, rotten
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eggs, and then i came in the house to check my own house, and i came outside and seen some of the neighbors outside doing the same thing, smelling it investigators say the man hit at least two other homes in the neighborhood. he's in jail tonight on unable to post bail. developing news tonight in the search for a missing plane. right now several countries are sending help by air and boat trying to find any sign of the egypt airline jetliner that apparently crashed in the mediterranean sea. fox 29's chris o'connell in the newsroom now with what may have brought the plane down, chris. >> iain torque night eighths strong possible terrorism what caused the egypt airliner to go down. it took off hours earlier from paris and was about 10 miles into egyptian air space when it disappeared from radar. despite earlier reports, there is still no sign of the wreckage tonight. the weather was clear, there were no apparent mechanical problems. so what happened to egypt air
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flight i'm 04? egyptian authorities say it could have been terrorism. >> possibility of having a different action or -- having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having technical issue. >> reporter: somber families of victims gathering at both cairo and paris' charles airport demanding answers. >> they don't have any information. they haven't found the wreckage but obviously there is little hope. >> reporter: air bus 8320 was flying at 37,000 feet when it vanished from radar early thursday morning over the mediterranean sea. 56 passengers, seven crew members and three air marshals were on board. >> the information wove have been able to gather is the plane came down and is lost. >> reporter: the plane banked sharply and plunged less than an hour before it was due to land. among the passengers, egyptians, french a canadian, a britain, also three children.
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no americans were on board. in new york's little egypt egyptian-americans with a sense of fear and uncertainty over the tragedy. >> first thing in my head afraid i thought about here we go aga again. with some -- somebody you know what i'm talking about such as terrorists. >> i feel sorry for the victims and their families. i feel sorry for them, the relatives. >> reporter: keep in mind this incident comes about six months after russian plane crashed killing everyone on board. islamic state took responsibility forge that one. today's incident also has some raising questions about security in paris. especially in light of recent terror attacks in europe. lucy? >> thank you, chris. on your radar, a roller coaster weekend ahead. looking across our area tonight from allentown in the top right and sent city on the bottom. clear night, still in the 60s in most spots. kathy, we have a beautiful
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friday to at least kick off our weekend. >> we certainly do. and moonlit skies tonight. it's beautiful out there. you can see on our satellite/radar not really much to talk about. the first time in a long time to the south to the gulf coast we have a storm system and this is what will be bringing us some heavy rain during the day on saturday. temperatures right now in the 40s the 50s and 60s. 65 in the city. in reading it's 57n dover it is 60 degrees. it will stay mild overnight, 53 in the city. 48 in the suburbs. mainly clear, moonlit skies, crack the windows really good sleeping weather and it will be a fine finish to the work week with our warmest day of the week come our way. saturday soaker on tap we'll time the rain coming up and 80s in the seven day. we have a pattern change coming up. i'll see you later in the broadcast with that information. >> all right, kathy, thank you. 30-year-old man is murdered this afternoon while sitting in his car in grays ferry. police say someone fired several shots into the vehicle at 26th and dickinson streets.
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the victim died at penn presbyterian medical center. investigators are still looking for the shooter. you decide 2016. two of the most polarizing figures on the presidential primary campaign scene were together in one room together. donald trump stopped in a garden state for a combination rally and fundraiser for his former opponent. bruce gordon was in the ground are crowd and joins us now live from lawrenceville. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, not so long ago new jersey governor chris christie had presidential aspirations of his own on the campaign trail. he and donald trump traded insults. but when christie left the race, he quickly became a trump convert. tonight, the billionaire businessman repaid the favor. ♪ >> reporter: governor christie began the evening by noting he was an early passenger aboard the trump band wagon. >> all the skeptics and the critics at the time who criticized my decision. well, they can come and meet the
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neck president of the united states with me. ♪ >> reporter: as fort presumptive republican nominee, trump kick off his remarks by reminding christie how he return the favor at 200 bucks a head. >> you know, chris paid off his entire campaign debt tonight. (applause). >> right? his entire debt. and chris, you can't even give them a table an seat. that's terrible. >> reporter: the crowd likely used the bulk of trump's 30 minute speech like the greatest hit show from a classic rock band. you've heard the songs before, but they're still fun to experience in person. there was talk of building the wall and rebuilding the milita military. repealing obama care and improving trade. at what cost? >> frayed trade war. we're losing 500 billion in trade with china. who the hell cares if there's a trade war? >> reporter: trump criticized companies like nabisco for moving their operations to mexico. used his host to make his point. >> i'm not eating oreos any more. you know that. but neither is chris.
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you're not eating oreos any more. don't feel bad for either of us. >> reporter: this crowd was almost end tearily white but trump promised he'll score big with minority voters come november. >> we're doing great with the african-americans because they know i'm going to create jobs. i'm going to bring back jobs. >> reporter: when it was over, the crowd rushed the stage for a photo, hand shake, supporters sure they had gotten their money's worth. >> he's so real and he speaks to us directly. it's not a canned speech. >> reporter: not everyone loved the show. in the skies overhead a banner read, dump christie trump. across the street several dozen protesters call out to passing motorists. >> you know, i am just so disgusted with donald trump quite honestly. i'm embarrassed as an american. i can't believe that he's the frontrunner in the republican party. >> reporter: well, he is. and new jersey voters could put him over the top in terms of the delegates needed to officially become the nominee. when the garden state holds its
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primary june 7th. lucy. >> thank you very much, bruce. trial date set for two teens charged in the death of a student at a delaware high school. 16-year-old amy joyner francis dieter after a fight in bathroom at howard high school of technology in wilmington last month. an autopsy showed the fight triggered a pre-existing heart condition. trial slated to begin on june 15th for 2, 16-year-olds charged with conspiracy. a third 16-year-old accused of hitting amy face as charge of criminally negligent murder. the reading police officer accused of lying about what happened during a traffic stop turned himself in and was arraigned today. prosecutoprosecutors say 27-yead jesus santiago de jesus pulled a woman over for failing to use a turn signal. prosecutors say video showing shows the turn signal was on. the officer punched the woman and tried to break her phone. app attorney for the officer says the woman assaulted santiago de jesus first.
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a woman grabbed from behind in a local park. who attacker wrestling her to the ground but she fights back. why police say her attacker was able to give them the switch. and stranded alone miles from shore no help in sight. a shark starts to sir confidential but this guy kept his cool. what he did while floating in the water that saved his life. they call him the hipster bandit and he just struck again. what he keeps robbing without getting caught. our own chris o'connell shares a scary personal journey through a medical mystery. >> hoping to find out today exactly what is causing the loss of vision in my eye. >> months of tests later an answer. the live changing diagnosis that stunned even his doctors.
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♪ this wissonoming man faces murder charges to night for shooting a man who was trying to break into his house. investigators say roberto martinez is convicted felon who was not supposed to have a gun. police say he fired several shots at two men trying to get into his home on the 6,000 block of ditman street tuesday afternoon. 28-year-old darrell gordon died. other man ran away. police say they found marijuana and $6,000 cash inside martine martinez's house. attack in a popular local park has a community worried tonight. police say a man grabbed a young woman from behind this morning on a trail in berlin park. but she fought back and managed to get away. >> tonight police are still trying to find that man. fox 29's karen hepp explains. >> reporter: young woman in her 20s had to fight with all of her might to get away from a creep who attacked her this morning on a jogging trail in
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berlin park. >> an unknown male jumped out at her tried to grab her. she was forced to the ground, she was able to fend him off and make her way back out to the parking area here. >> reporter: police say the woman punched and kicked her way free and race as fast as she could back to her car where she locked herself inside. >> in the meantime she will lost her cell phone during that incident. um, unrelated bystander was able to call 911 and our officers immediately came to the locate. >> reporter: investigators from several towns set up a perimeter and searched everywhere with dogs and helicopters but possibly because of the delay in calling 911, the attacker had slipped away. >> really scary it would happen right in like our backyard. we live like a few miles from here and it's just freaky it would happen so close to home. >> reporter: investigators sent out swift 911 alert warning folks to take precautions, a message people are taking to heart. >> be safe, never go by myself. i don't any way but still you never know what could happen.
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you don't think going for a run by yourself anything is real going to happen. it's really terrifying. >> reporter: police did find the victim's cell phone. investigators say this is a very safe area and park. they don't remember any incidents ever happening here but it is always good advice to take precautions. from berlin, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. bill cosby due back in montgomery courtroom in five days and tonight word of the cost of fighting criminal and civil cases around the country. legal experts say the comedian is spending millions on two dozen lawyers around the country contending with defamation claims, sexual assault charges and insurance disputes. those experts say the 78-year-old has nothing to lose at this point. cosby is scheduled for preliminary hearing in norristown this tuesday and a criminal case prosecutors say he drugged and molest add temple university employee in his montgomery county home in 2004. fox 29 will be at the hearing. a local mom is on a mission to help her teenaged son who is severely disabled, and you can help make a huge difference in
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this familiar polls live without even leaving your home. it's really easy. fox 29's dawn timmeney now with how you can help. >> reporter: janine greets her 16-year-old sonic key outside her northeast philadelphia home as a special handicapped taxi drops him off from school. >> i wish i can do for more him to help him. >> nicky was not breathing when he was born and has serious medical issues. heys scolioses, cerebral palsy and angel man's syndrome, a complex genetic disorder affecting the nervous system that's also marked by seizures. >> part of his brain is damaged he will never get movement, he will never walk, sit, crawl, walk. >> reporter: nicky cannot eat, he cannot shoe chew, he can't talk but his mom says he'll melt your heart. >> the way he looks at me. he smiles. i bright tense my day. >> janine tries to do as much as she can for nicky. last summer even taking him to the beach to surf.
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>> lay him down to the board and he did it. he did it. he loved it. >> reporter: but daily life is a huge struggle. the single mom does not have handicapped accessible van. so getting nicky out of the house is very difficult. >> it's been a long road and it's getting harder as he goats older. >> reporter: nicky now weighs 77 pounds and janine often carries him to her vehicle. >> his body is twisted. he explains. >> reporter: that's why this determined mom enter add contest as part of the national mobility awareness month to win a handicapped accessible van. >> i live every day very difficult care for him. annal moment for them to vote would really make a huge difference. >> reporter: the contest is sponsored by the national mobility equipment dealers association dedicated to making a difference for people with disabilities. if janine won -- >> it would mean everything. we can get out -- more like a
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family and do things so much easier. >> dawn timmeney reports. this is a nationwide contest and nicky needs lots and lots of votes to win. we have put a link on fox where you can find it and in the seen on tv section. young patients at children's hospital of philadelphia have been all smiles tonight. >> they took break from all their doctors appointments to attend the prom. kids put on their fancy new outfits for tonights big event. clothes provided by chop and the kids get to keep the dresses and suits. after walking a red carpet, guests enjoyed plenty of dancing organizers say it's all about giving these kids something to smile about. >> and tonight it's really all about the kids forget wrack they are. you would never know you're in a hospital. when you see these kids smile and you see the party they're about to have, the beauty of tonight is nobody is sick. >> that was event sponsor jeff cahn he creator the annual prom
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in memory of his son josh who passed on in 1997. >> a trip to the gym almost turned deadly. the own are in started giving him cpr but two police officers did right when they got to the scene that saved him. and -- it was like a bomb had went off. it was literally like a shrapnel bomb of glass had just erupted in here. >> the attack at a new salon just hours after the grand opening. a warning for local college students. where police spotted this guy roaming close to campus. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. let's start with septa this time around. they're using shuttle buses for the next more oh or so along the 101 trolley between providence and/or ranch street. get regular to row, row, row your boat hello and welcome to philadelphia. everybody in town for the stotesbury regatta it's the biggest high school regatta in the country, and it's here in philadelphia through the
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weekend. here's the deal though. the kelly drive is closed to vehicle traffic all the way through saturday night. so for tomorrow morning's rush hour, you want to use the martin luther king drive or that other little road through town the schuylkill expressway. give yourself some extra time as we get ready for the regatta and we'll see you in doylestown bright and early tomorrow morning.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making
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the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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a bridge is down and authorities are blaming a flatbed tractor trailer hauling heavy equipment. police say the equipment was just too tall to pass under the oklahoma city bridge and it tore down the lanes above it. the driver is not hurt but the truck is still trapped under all the debris. officials say it's going to be a long clean up and they have no idea when this heavily traveled road will reopen. a terrible crime has left a mother stunned. >> she's so disgusted she never wants to see her own son again. 54-year-old james mitchell accused of beating his 93-year-old grandmother. stealing her car and leaving her for dead in her tampa home. mitchell's mother found the elderly woman after she noticed her car was missing. now, she fears her mom won't make it and she's asking her son who is on the run to give himself up.
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>> he just stole my heart. he stole my hartwright out of me. i don't care now what happens to him. >> the yelderly victim has broken ribs and a brain bleed an broken nose. police say her grandson has beaten her in the past but cherie fused to testify against him so he was never convict. >> veteran 60 minutes correspondent morey safer has died. he was 84 years old. cbs confirms long-time fixture of the sunday show decide today. so far no details about his death. safer joined 60 minutes in 1970. he won three peabody awards, 12 emmys, two george memorial awards and the robert f. kennedy journalism award. safer is survived by his wife and his daughter. >> stranded alone. miles from shore no help in sight then a shark starts to circle but this guy cep his cool. what he did while floating in the water that saved his life. kathy? >> we are lookin looking ahead t end to the work week but then
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all eyes on this, a developing area of low pressure that will become a coastal storm and bring rain for at least part of the weekend. saturday soaker. we'll time it out coming up. >> our own chris o'connell shares a scary personal journey through a medical mystery moss of tests later an answer. the life-changing diagnosis that stunned even his doctors.
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right now now at 10:31 of our here at fox 29 is revealing a very perm story. it was nearly five months ago when our reporter chris o'connell started suffering permanent vision loss to one of his eyes. but that was just the beginning. >> what doctors finally found changed chris' live and tonight he's sharing his medical journey in the hopes of helping others. ♪ >> reporter: as dad of twin girls i couldn't imagine a day without seeing their smiling faces. >> making a movie. >> making a movie. >> reporter: watching the little things in life.
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like family vacations. >> hi. >> reporter: planning a backyard garden. back here at home police say a woman shot a man three times -- >> as a tv journalist i get to be the eyes of the world. >> maybe he was just having a bad day. for me the ability to witness that lose to literally see things clearly was about to change. i remember vividly it started january 12th when i woke up in the morning. i woke up with a sudden and painless loss of vision to my left eye. the sensation a shade being pulled down. i went to work thinking it may have been a migraine. >> fox 29's chris o'connell is live in camden tonight. >> reporter: it was pretty big deal because i have to see for my job, and i remember that night in camden doing live shot and remembering do people notice at home that i can't see out of
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this eye. within two days i was sitting in the chair of delaware county ophthalmologist dr. john routine knee. >> it's where my life long medical journey would begin. >> this is called an optic neuropathy. it's ain't interruption of the blood supply to the optic nerve. >> reporter: immediately dr. routine knee sent me to the specialist at wills eye hospital in center city. generally regarded as one of the premier eye hospitals in the country. >> it's good to know my doctors on a billboard. five days later, i walked into the office of dr. bob sorry got the director of neuro ophthalmology. >> then it was our job to determine why the young guy like you wasn't getting blood in there. >> get some information from you. >> reporter: and so it began. a bat receive blood work. >> this is the easy part. >> reporter: countless diagnostic tests.
10:32 pm
enough pictures of my eyes to fill a family album. but six weeks have passed want i didn't get was answers. >> well i figure i'd start documenting what's happening to me since doctors in their own words say baffled of what's causing my vision loss. >> reporter: it was like a kick in the gut when doctors told mow my vision loss wasn't going to get any better. but i didn't expect it to get worse. >> i woke up again and the vision went from losing 25% of my vision to losing 80% of the vision. then i knew there was a really big problem. eight weeks later you come back and you can't read the big e on the chart. and then look at the back of your eye and it really looks unusual. >> reporter: the best way to describe it is this eye feels like it's smeared with vaseline.
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i can see color. i can see shape but if i close one eye i would not recognize you. >> reporter: back at wills for more testing. more eye drops. more waiting rooms. >> do you have your insurance card. >> reporter: more co-pays. >> i'm hoping to find out today what exactly is causing the loss of vision in my eye. >> reporter: unfortunately, no more answers until -- >> if you look real closely right here in the middle of that -- >> reporter: more than two months later, immediately it was an hah moment doctors at wills found the answer in this single image taken from an optical company hearns tomorrow mow gravy scan relatively new technology allowing doctors to see deeper into your eye. the inflammation in my eye was gone. revealing the answer to my vision loss. >> you through a little clot off your heart and it ended up in the artery in your eye. >> it didn't hit me until i saw
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it on the prescription pad. the official diagnosis i had suffered a stroke to my left e eye. >> it's definitely given me a different perspective on life. >> in an instant i went from being an eye patient at wills hospital to a cardiac patient at thomas jefferson university hospital just across the street. my medical team now includes dr. arnold green spawn of jefferson's cardio electro physiological wright unit where a new course of treatment begi begins. >> fare percentage of patient who's have unexplained blindness have on to have a bigger stroke. >> it's now late march. >> i'm in an operating room. >> heading back shortly. >> small army of doctors and nurses -- i need to relax you. >> get me prepped for two preventive heart procedures. >> i can't necessarily understand what he's gone through because i have full vision but hopefully it will
10:35 pm
give some answers. >> first a trance echo cardiogram gives doctors a detailed 3d image of my heart. >> what we're going to do is we're going to insert a plan plantable loop in the corridor in a second procedure the doctor implants a cardiac monitor into my chest. >> two small electrodes. tiny device within a three year battery life that will record every beat of my heart 24 hours day looking for any problems. a monitor at home will transmit my information back to the hospital every single morning. immediately those procedures revealed another surprise. >> today we found that chris has what's call wfo. >> two heart defects were found. a hole in my heart most people are born with but mine never closed. >> i just want -- here's the other. a quadra cuspid aortic valve
10:36 pm
defect found in one in one half% of the population. in this case, a four leaf clover isn't so lucky. >> how this four leaf color valve very rare phenomenon and it's leaking a little bit. >> the issues cardiologists nick ruggiero believes could cause problems with the need for surgery later in life. >> over time the valve can become more leaky than normal cry tricuspid aortic valve. if that happens in the future of the valve may knot need to be replaced. >> so now it's all about preventing another stroke. i've since started daily regimen of blood thinners and aspirin along with healthy lifestyle and new technology tracking my every heartbeat i hope to lead a normal life. >> we monitor you and make sure we watch this heart valve on yearly basis to make sure that something that sort of mildly leaky doesn't progress to something that's more severely leaky and account for problems down the road. in my case as bad as it is the
10:37 pm
loss of vision turned out to be a warning sign avenue bigger health issue. doctors are finding brief and sudden vision changes like mine are many times early warnings of stroke and with the help of new every changing medical technology, prevention is possible. >> now i look at it this was warning sign. this could end up saving my life some day. >> for years and years, you know, the eye was viewed as the window of the soul. well it can be a window of a lot of serious neurologic problems and now heart problems. >> for me living with reduced vision will take adjustments. >> walking around furniture. walking around small children on my left side. driving, but it's just a matter of adapting to those thing. >> i'm chris o'connell. >> i can still read. i can still drive. in just a month after my procedure, i finished my second broad street run. and yes, i can still see the smiles on my family's faces.
10:38 pm
if i have anything to do with it, i intend to keep it that w way. >> i want to be here for my kids. i want to be here for my wife. i want to be here for a long time. >> my hope in do you meaning this story is to bring awareness to sudden vision loss and stroke prevention. i will not regain sight in my eye but this was awake-up call for a larger issue bottom line, guys, if you know someone with sudden vision changes, get them to the hospital immediately. >> we've been following this with you for months now. i had no idea that a vision change could mean a stroke. we know about numbness. we know about weakness, about slurred speech. this was new one. >> doctors at wills eye hospital tell me if you have vision changes there's 100% chance you have something wrong with you. for me it was stroke. it could be a multitude of different thing. get it check out as soon as possible. >> and you're already helping people i know this for fact.
10:39 pm
>> we're hoping to. >> good job. thanks chris. >> we have a brand new salon we'll be talking about here targeted just hours after the grand opening. what the owner says looked like a glass bomb went off. >> a trip to the gym almost turns deadly when a man collapses during his workout. the owner starts giving him cpr. what two police officers did right when they got to the scene that saved him. kathy? >> a developing storm in the gulf coast will mean a soaker for part of the weekend. timing it out and when we break this pattern change coming up. >> join us for "good day philadelphia" we take over doylestown. the crew will be live along main street and they've got a big announcement.
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♪ there's a black bear roaming around new castle county, delaware. the city of newark posted this video on twitter caught by someone on their public works
10:43 pm
crew. you can see the bear near some woods near white clay drive. officials think the bear made its way out of the newark and authorities are telling residents not to approach the bear if you see it. georgia hairstylist dream of running her salon is almost shattered by vandal. >> they targeted her business hours after her grand opening. someone smashed the doors and windows of april tillman's salon last week near atlanta. tillman had to shut it down for app entire day to clean up the mess. she estimates the damage is more than $8,000 and that doesn't include all the business lost from having to cancel 30 appointments. >> it was like a bomb had wept off. it was literally like a shrapnel bomb of glass had just erupted in here. everything was covered. i want to know that i can come in the morning before the sun comes up and my girls can work after the sun goes without fear of somebody throwing a rock or baseball bad or sledgehammer through the building. >> the owner is offering five thus san dollars reward for information that leads to an arrest. fbi on the hunt tonight in
10:44 pm
california for at cued bank robber earned the name the hipster bandit. agents say he tried to rob a wells fargo bank yesterday in a town of oceanside and when teller refused to hand over money, the fbi says the man went to bank inside a grocery store and robbed that place. the hipster bandit has earned his nickname from the way he acts and dresses. scary moments inside a gym in georgia. a man working out collapses but he's alive tonight thanks to his town's police officers. this happened last month and was caught on police body cam video. less say a 41-year-old man was in a cross fit gym in the town of canton about 40 minutes from atlanta when he collapsed on the floor. officers got there one administered cpr the other use d a aed turns out the man had massive heart tack. medic rushed him to the hospital and he survived. >> it mack you feel good that you do what you're trained to do, to see an individual be able to go on with his life, you know, see what the future has
10:45 pm
for him. >> doctors say if it weren't for the quick rations of the officers an the gym owner who kept telling the man to breathe, he would have died. one man scuba diving trip turns into it for his life. >> he was several miles off the coast of florida with his daughters were he dove into the water and it turned very scary when he came back up to the surface about half hour later. >> got to the surface and looked around and kind of did a pirouette on the surface lookly for the boat and there was no boat. >> somehow his tether got disconnected from the boat. it had drifted nearly thee miles away. randy fails was now all alone self miles from shore. all right. not exactly alone. you can see the shark starting to circle him. he had a go pro. fails kept his eye on the shark while turning his dive bag into a flag to wave down help. >> the longer i was on the surface the bolder the shark became and the closer he came. so i was kind of watching the shark and also watching the -- for boats around to see if i can
10:46 pm
signal one of the boats. >> so scary. fails says he also had a whistle that he kept blowing trying to attract attention it work. final al boater pulled up and pulled him from the water. after 35 years of scuba diving nothing like this has ever happened. but he says it's not going to stop him from doing what he loves. so, yeah, he's et heading back into the water. >> good for him. >> we had sunny day today. if we have a sun know day tomorrow that would be back to back sunny days. i don't know the last time i've seen that. >> not this month. >> probably not. >> no. we had one sunny day this entire month. >> wow! >> that would be -- maybe three if you count today. >> hope you like it. >> we'll have another sunny day. it looks good. right now looking at clear ski skies. 65 degrees at this late hour. the high today 73. we finally broke back into the 70s. the normal high 75 degrees. i do expect to go above normal for the first time in a long time tomorrow. right now 46 in the poconos. cocool there.
10:47 pm
trenton 61 degrees. good sleeping weather you can see a string of 60s from lbi all the way down south through cape may and exit zero at cape ma may point. temperatures are going to be mild during the day tomorrow. high pressure will be building in. it will move to our south and to the east. bringing us this return throw of warmer air out of the south the high temperature 78 degrees. the clouds will be on the increase though by the evening ahead of these rain showers. these courtesy of a developing storm that will be moving in on saturday. for tomorrow, though, mostly sunny, warm and pleasant the high temperature 78 degrees. "good day philadelphia" is traveling to doylestown. they'll be live tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., 50 degrees, 8:00 a.m. come out and see them, 65. by 10aa warm 63 going for high temperatures in the upper 80s. then all eyes on this a coastal storm developing in the gulf right now i showed it on radar earlier in the show. it moves offshore and
10:48 pm
intensifies and brings rain to the delaware valley late saturday morning through saturday afternoon and continuing into the evening then it moves weigh well offshore and we're seeing some sunshine during the day on sunday. i think we'll have morning clouds. when we look at the rain estimates about an inch in philadelphia. higher to the south and east. and lesser accumulation to the north and west away from the center of of the low. on your seven day forecast, looking ahead to cooler weather saturday with the rain. sunday we bump up the temperatures and back in the 70s monday and tuesday. we break out of this pattern big time by wednesday. 82 degrees. tuesday a chance of a scattered shower or storm. the high 83. that's as we head into the memorial day holiday weekend! >> just doesn't seem like it was memorial day. >> can you believe it. >> i know. finally. that's good. >> we thought we were heading into easter. >> i know. >> all those holidays just run together any way. (laughter). >> i'm kidding. last night interview gone bad or at least the question went the
10:49 pm
wrong way and the eagles still have two veteran players not in mini campily malcolm jenkins tells us what he thinks about these players who stay out of the camp. that's coming up in sports.
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
♪ those eagles they're still in the middle of voluntary mini camps. only two players not at the eagles camp fletcher cox who's agent is an idiot he wants a new contract for -- i'm just telling what you i think. >> as always. >> fletcher cox has year remaining on his crack. 60 million plus is not good. darrin sproles is also not in but he's spoken to the head coach. doug pederson said he see nos prob hem with sproles joining the team for mandatory camp early june. tweet from sproles indicated no problem. how do tomorrow mates look at these players that are missing? >> just like a player can get cut before his contract is up, teams have no loyalty necessarily to the players. so, you know, when players make moves it's all business. we don't ask howie why they cut somebody or trade somebody. i won't ask somebody while they held out. >> 60 million. >> the phillies had the day off. play again tomorrow against the braves three game series tonight first place washington nationals rolled again.
10:53 pm
let's go to new york. matt harvey the pitcher struggling down two-one in the third inning this is not good. matt harvey struggling and short stop doesn't help the with the bases loader. the left fielder doesn't hem in this situation. they rule it a double. that's an error. seven runs in the inning nationals win it over the mets nine-one. sometimes on the court on the field or in this case on the ice interviews bring out what sounds like kid ridiculous. mcguire who is behind the glass on the ice for the hockey games. he's the guy in this case didn't get out the question with the correct meaning. >> how is your breath? it's not good. (laughter). >> i meant in terms of conditioning. (laughter). >> how do you feel physically? how about that question? >> bill kess sell did score a goal last night now when he does a post game interview he'll take a breath mint. we'll be right back. ♪ (man) hmm. what do you think?
10:54 pm
♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ all right. we got a full hour of entertainment news with tmz followed by dish nation, chasing news and the simpsons. good we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". we've got a perfect 10 for tomorrow courtesy of kathy orr because we have a huge day tomorrow. it's good day live in doylestown. >> here we go.
10:57 pm
>> how exciting is that. >> it will be fun. i'm getting up for that. >> are you? >> i'll be up, too meet the team -- good day team in doylestown tomorrow morning life. all those guys a lot of fun. good friday. >> have a good one. ♪
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: guess who we got last night? starts with a d and ends with a conor. this is big news. >> dana white and conor mcgregor, first step blowing over the whole dustup over ufc 200. harvey: looks like the two of them are like this. they're at dinner. >> conor mcgregor rolls up in his rolls-royce. they hugged. harvey: hugged, hugged? >> it was an aggressive hug that apparently you could hear from down the hallway. [laughter] >> bella hadid, biggest winner at the cannes film festival. she walked out in this outfit. >> wow! >> basically naked with a little tiny red dress on. >> she's probably wearing underwear. >> all we need now is a gust of wind. >> i'm telling you, she's 100% wearing underwear! >> why are you killing this for us? why do you care? >> kylie jenner leaving the chinese theater with her rumored


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